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Educational Center

Our educational center believes that every kid, regardless of his or her mental state, deserves to participate in activities, attend classes, and have time to learn and discover. This curriculum lasts six months and consists of six classes. A student can begin in kindergarten and continue through Grade 3. Traumatized students receive special education without feeling different from the rest of the class.

Covid-19 Precautions 

Wearing Masks

Students are given everyday washed and sanitized masks

Classroom Capacity

The classroom capacity went down from 14 to 8, divided into two sifts

Personal Shields

Shields protecting kids from each others and making them more comfortable in a class


Hand gel, soap and other sanitizing equipment are everywhere in the center


Other Activities 

We think that learning can take many forms, and that class activities such as sports, crafts, and computer classes are constantly occupying the school. Every week, there is chapel, and every other day, there are bible classes.


Waste management 

Part of the Grade 3's program was to learn basics of recycling, and steps to live an eco-friendly life. The project succeeded after them, teaching the whole school how to manage their waste.


Painting the walls

The beginning of spring was an inspirational time to paint on the school's wall, students gathered and with the help of the artist "Brad", and painted one of the school walls , which gave a new taste to the whole center.

School Graduation 2021

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