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Medical Center 

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Dental Clinic

The dental clinic is always available to provide small surgeries for refugees and Lebanese that cannot not afford high pricing
Also it provides dental treatment for kids in the school's campus, and trying to make them acknowledge importance of dental health.


Medical Clinic

Facing one of the world’s vastest pandemic, Syrian’s biggest refugee crisis and Lebanon’s greatest economic fall, our medical clinic is standing still through these three major difficulties, where a huge number of refugees, poor and sick patients in need of medical treatments and help. Sara’s home clinic has been opening its door for more than eight years to these people, supporting and aiding every person who came through.


suffering from many infectious diseases, especially respiratory infections of the nose, pharynx, chest, allergies, asthma, gastrointestinal diseases from diarrhea and vomiting caused by bacteria, viruses, ameba’s, intestinal worms, as well as inflammatory skin diseases and fungi as inflammatory diseases. Eye and ear infections diseases.


The most common diseases for adults are chronic pain in the joints and lower back pain and neuritis, as well as female vaginal infections, as well as diseases of peptic ulcers, as well as cases of diabetes and high blood pressure

Providing Essential Healthcare

TFF empowers underprivileged individuals to lead healthier lives by providing essential resources.

Hepatitis A

We provided vaccinations for the majority of our students to prevent Hepatitis A.


Our treatment successfully cleared scabies in approximately 1,000 individuals.

Healthcare On Wheels

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Recognizing the difficulty refugees face in reaching our private clinics due to strict security measures, we've taken action to bridge the transportation gap. Our dedicated medical transport vehicles now offer convenient pick-up services, ensuring refugees receive the healthcare they need.

Many refugees are facing a difficult situation. Strict security measures in their home countries make it challenging for them to escape the dangers they face. This adds another layer of hardship, as these same refugees are hesitant to seek medical care at our clinics. This hesitation could be due to a number of reasons, such as fear of deportation, language barriers, or a lack of trust in unfamiliar healthcare systems.

Mobile Clinic

We're thrilled to announce the introduction of a new mobile clinic! This specially equipped vehicle will bring essential medical services directly to refugee populations. Our mobile clinic will offer a convenient and safe way for refugees to receive the care they need, regardless of their location. This initiative reflects TFF's commitment to bridging healthcare gaps and ensuring everyone in our community has access to quality medical care.

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