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"Whatever we do in serving Christ together will surely bring a smile to a child's face and love to a mother's heart, thus making God's masterpiece more vivid and colorful."

Every 24 hours

64 children with special needs, receive an education

Every 24 hours 

30 patients are treated for their medical conditions

Every 24 hours 

48 men and women will be given the opportunity to master a skill that will help them construct a better future

Every 48 hours

A new family receives the facilities to overcome poverty

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News & Views

Earthquake Response

Feb 18, 2023

"TFF Makes Major Impact with the most affected families  following the Earthquake, Supports 300+ Families with food partials clothes, blankets and Donates to Local Hospitals"

Boy's Club Event

Feb 4, 2023

During the event, the boys experienced a variety of activities such as devotional, bible study, games, challenges, and art. In addition, we were able to provide an open forum for them to share their stories and difficulties. We were extremely pleased to hear such honesty from the boys and were deeply moved by their courage to open up to us. Furthermore, many of them were also willing to take the time to pray with us after the event. It was an amazing opportunity for us to interact with a big number of boys and provide them with an environment where they felt safe and comfortable to share their stories. We hope that our efforts will enable them to grow and become more confident in themselves.

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Food Donations

Jan, 2023

Non-profit organization TFF is providing 200 food packages every month to Lebanese and Syrian families in Lebanon, filled with bread, canned food and other essential items. The initiative has been praised for its commitment to helping families in need, and is part of TFF's larger mission to reduce poverty and improve conditions in Lebanon.

Providing Clean Water

Providing Clean Water

TFF ensures everyone has access to safe drinking water by offering clean, filtered water at its center. This vital resource is available to both students and refugees. Refugees can visit the center and fill up containers, like gallons, to take home for their families.

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Health Assistant Training

TFF Organization Celebrates Success of Nine Girls Graduating from First Round of Health Assistant Program; 24 Girls Enrolled in New Round, More on Waiting List. The program is empowering and equiping young women with the knowledge and skills to become successful health assistants and to contribute to the health and wellness of their communities.

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